Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring-so close now...

There have been a lot of big changes at our house and I guess I have been reluctant to blog about the lot of them. They are like a pile of mail with some good stuff but one or two big scary things so I just leave the whole mess alone. So here's the update.
Eric and I are pregnant-around 10 weeks, now and very excited. Leo can hardly wait to be a big brother and is already vying to name 'his baby'. Since it is so early and I am just getting a more noticeable bump, he often asks is she's still in there and he made me promise that I would tell him if she came out when he was asleep. I have the first appointment with a midwife tomorrow.

So that's the big good news. The big not so good news is that I got laid off from my job a month ago. I was very sad and it took a week or two for the shock of it to sink in. They were very nice about it and did some things financially that they didn't have to do, but it was still a hard blow after 6 years. Is there the possibility of hire-back? I think maybe 50-50 in a year or so when it blows up on them, but who knows? It was a job without a lot of challenges or any room for advancement, so ultimately not very good for my career and I had put a lot of thought into not going back after my maternity leave, but it was a job with benefits and reasonable pay, so it's still a hit for us.

Now for the question of 2011 - will I try to go back to corporate life? I don't know right now. I am getting ready for the farm season: starting seeds, doing soil testing at my dad's, getting book work ready and setting up all kinds of logistical things for my CSA and I want that to be my focus right now. I will add some shares this year and I will be doing more advertising to help bring in more new families. My dad and I are excited to work together this year and we have had a couple talks about how to do things and how we can help each other and what our ideas are. He bought a small tractor for us to use and we are looking for a couple basic implements. So yes, expect to see pictures later of the preggo driving the tractor.

Eric starts work back at the dropzone and we are praying for a great spring for him and I. I am also leaving for a roadtrip with my dad next week out to California. I'm really excited for some time away and so grateful to an awesome husband who supports me. We will be looking at a helicopter on the way out to Aunt Ruth's and perhaps bringing home a new motorcycle for my dad. I hope to spend some time on the coast like we did last time and do some hiking in the mountains.
I'll try to post while we're gone...